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CT Wet Magnetic Separator

CT Wet Magnetic Separators consist of separator drum, magnetic system, separator tank, transmission device and overflow devices for feeding and discharging. They are widely applied in magnetically separating magnetite, de-watering and de-ironing for non-metallic ores. According to different working principles, they are classified into three Kinds: current style(S), counter-current style (N) and semi-countercurrent style (B).

Better separation performance, higher capacity.

The magnet is made from rare-earth permanent magnetic material—NdFeB. Stainless steel separator drum is covered with rubber to achieve higher separation performance. The wearable ceramic drum is optional.

Magnetic system adjusting device can adjust magnetic angle to achieve good separation performance.

CT Wet Magnetic Separators can be used singly or conjunctively.The wearable ceramic drum is optional.

They are suitable for roughly or finely separating strong magnetic minerals smaller than 0.2mm.